The President of Ecuador receives a delegation of US Senators (+ Photo)

QUITO, Oct 20 (Princea Latina) Ecuador and the United States strengthened their alliance today during President Guillermo Laso’s meeting with five senators from the northern country who are visiting this South American country.

The meeting, which was held at the Carondelet Palace, discussed issues of cooperation in the areas of security, trade and immigration, according to Lasso himself on his Twitter account.

The bipartisan delegation, led by the chairman of the Northern State Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Robert Menendez, also plans to meet with some assembly members on Thursday.

The delegation, also made up of Republicans Rob Portman, Richard Burr and Ben Sassi and Democrat Ben Cardin, arrived in the Ecuadorean capital on Wednesday and plan to visit the Galapagos Islands, although they did not detail the purpose of the trip to that archipelago. Peaceful.

Menendez and Cardin are co-authors of the US-Ecuador Association Bill, a document awaiting final vote in the Senate that aims to strengthen bilateral relations by increasing economic and trade ties.

The “official” visits of senators from the most rebellious far-right in the United States, who only seek to infringe on our sovereign state, have been criticized by Ecuadorean House of Representatives member Ricardo Olcuango.

Last month, the head of the US Southern Command, Laura Richardson, was also in this Andean country.

According to analysts, today Ecuador occupies an area of ​​interest for the US government, taking into account the political changes in the region, especially in countries such as Colombia, which until recently was an unconditional ally of the White House.

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