The physical copy of the Batman Arkham Trilogy, comes unfinished!

One of the most prominent external actors of the latest Nintendo Direct It was announced that the trilogy Batman: Arkham will reach keys This fall.

As exciting as it is, new information about the physical release has now surfaced. Frequently asked questions about issuance keys Revealed that the actual copy will only include Batman: Arkham Asylum on the game cartridge, while the other two titles (Batman City And Batman: Arkham Knight) will require a download:

Batman: Arkham Asylum It will be included in the game cartridge Batman: Arkham Trilogy. Batman City And Batman: Arkham Knight It will require an online connection to download and install both titles when the cartridge is inserted. Batman: Arkham Trilogy in the console Nintendoswitch. All three games will be playable as long as the cartridge is inserted into the console. Nintendoswitch.

Given the file sizes of these games on other platforms, and the size of each, it’s not entirely surprising to hear this news, but it might be a little disappointing for those who were planning on adding this trilogy to their physical collection. The digital and physical versions of this release will also contain “all DLCFor both games.

via: Nintendo Live

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