The parliamentary leadership is sworn in for a new term in Nicaragua

Managua, January 9 (Prensa Latina) The National Assembly (Parliament) of Nicaragua today swore in its Board of Directors for a new legislative term (2024-2026) and confirmed the appointment of Representative Gustavo Porras as President of that branch of state.

During the official opening session of the 40th Legislature, Porras' contribution to the process of building a dignified Nicaragua was recognized.

In his speech before the plenary session, he reaffirmed the commitment of legislators to continue working to pass laws and decrees that guarantee the stability and reassurance of Nicaraguan families.

“Thank you for giving us the responsibility to continue this work that we are doing together, united, working for the revolution, for the nation, this board of directors that has been working to achieve this consensus in all its positions,” he expressed.

Porras stressed that they must make every effort so that, through this consensus on the results, they can continue the path of the revolutionary state while highlighting the people for their well-being and development.

The Sandinista National Liberation Front is a political institution that has matured before the eyes of the people until today and is one of the main, most solid and powerful political institutions that our country has known so far in the entirety of its republican history, said actor Walmaru Gutierrez.

The Sandinista parliamentarian added that the Sandinista Front for National Liberation presented a proposal to the people that considers its policy of alliances and reconciliation to be a basic condition for ensuring peace between Nicaraguans and opening a broad process of dialogue and agreement.

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This is where the FSLN recruited valuable women and men who contributed to this policy focused on the eradication of poverty and extreme poverty, and without necessarily being Sandinistas, they had the sine qua non required to become a decent and honorable legislator. Gutierrez highlighted.

As is known, women's participation in the election of the Board of Directors is prominent, as four of the seven positions are represented by women, which confirms the state's current commitment to gender equality.


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