The Panama Papers: a people-related sport – international football – sport

investigating in International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) de los llamados “Pandora Papers” -que involucró a unos 600 periodistas de decenas de medios, incluidos The Washington Post y The Guardian- se basa en la filtración de unos 11,9 millones de documentos de 14 empresas de servicios financieros de everybody.

According to these documents, King Abdullah II of Jordan established at least thirty offshore companies in countries or regions with tax facilities, through which he purchased 14 luxury properties in United State And United kingdom, for more than 106 million dollars.

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Lawyers for King Abdullah II told the BBC that all the property was purchased with his personal wealth.

Lawyers have argued that it is common among notables to purchase real estate through offshore companies for reasons of privacy and security.

In such a scandal there are important figures from the world and sports did not escape from it.

Featured on the list so far are Argentine footballers Javier Mascherano And Angel Di Maria, who did not comment on the matter.

Technicians are also included Pep Guardiola, subordinate ManchesterAnd Carlo AncelotI, the current coach real MadridAnd the consultant Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino.

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