The number of blank votes, the leader of the election results in Guatemala

The system for transmitting the preliminary results of the elections also records at this time another element of indifference to the process referred to before election day, 7.13 percent of the blank cards.

In the race for the presidency, Sandra Torres, of the National Unity of Hope, received 14.96 percent, followed by the surprising Bernardo Arevalo, of Similla (12.20), and Manuel Conde, of the pro-government Famos party (8.15 percent).

Another candidate who is also ahead of the pre-contest candidates, who finished fourth with a score of 7.39 percent, is Armando Castillo, from FIFA, while Edmont Mollet, from Caballe, was behind (6.96) and Zuri Rios, from Valor Unionista. (6.67).

Analysts have called for waiting for voting statistics to advance further to speak of a definitive trend because a large number are still missing, especially from areas in remote areas.

After a campaign marred by disqualification of candidates and persecution of the press, attention at this time still revolves around Gran Tikal Futura in the capital, home to the Information Center of the Supreme Court for Elections.

On Sunday, five violent incidents were reported, two of which were clashes between residents and police who fired tear gas to disperse protests over alleged anomalies.

In the municipality of San Jose del Golfo, northeast of the capital, voting is suspended, as well as in San Martín Zapotitlán, south of Guatemala City, according to the electoral entity.

The votes in this Central American region will determine a new president, vice president, 160 deputies in Congress, 20 in the Central American Parliament, and 340 mayors for the period 2024-2028. If neither candidate receives 50 percent plus one of the votes, there will be a second round on Sunday, August 20, in which the couple will participate with the majority of votes on the first date.

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Since 1985, when Guatemala began its democratic era, no candidate for the highest office in the country has received an absolute majority of valid votes in the first round.


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