Apple Pay will get even better with these advances in NFC technology

The payment system will provide a multi-purpose function!

Apple wants us to use its payment system without problems

payment system Apple Pay Which reach more and more countries, will be able to get it Increased range and speed Because of the planned improvements that NFC (Near Field Communication) technology promises in the coming years, and Apple has been working on it for some time to solve the most common problems for the user.

Increased range and speed

How can you improve access? Let’s first recall that Apple Pay uses NFC as a short-range, high-frequency wireless technology to communicate with other devices and exchange data. However, this technology currently operates in a reduced radius of movement, so it is necessary for the equipment to be in very close proximity to transmit information such as contactless payments.

but, The NFC Forum plans to increase the current guaranteed range by four to six times the distance. That is, go from a range of about 5mm to 30mm between the transmitter and the receiver. While this may not seem like a huge change, the radius is being expanded It will increase reliability and speed when making contactless purchases.

How does this translate to Apple Pay? Using the app will be more reliable because it will not need the NFC chip of the iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal, therefore It will work primarily, especially in situations where the payment terminal is awkwardly positioned. In terms of speed, the payment process will be faster because the transaction will be triggered even while the device is being moved towards the payment recipient.

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Will there be improvements to the smart wallet?

The improvements announced at WWDC 2023 recently won’t be the only ones. Nowadays, the NFC standard only allows one action which is to authorize a payment, however Plans to introduce the new “Multi-Touch” feature That would enable several actions to be activated at the same time, such as point-to-point ticket delivery, loyalty card identification and travel ticket issuance. So You can imagine your whole family checking in at the airport exit gate.

With all of these changes, the NFC Forum says the work required for the improvements is already underway, but it will take between two and five years before they are released. It will be between 2025 and 2028 when the benefits will emerge. Most likely, Apple will have to install new NFC chips to support the new standards, so the iPhone 17 will likely be the first model capable of launching this shift.

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