The North Face presents the film Descent

Dennis’s fun style and techniques have earned him a wide fan base and the nickname D-RAN

Dennis Ranalter It’s one of Freestyle skiers, from the north face, the most respected in the world. for him Playful style and technique It earned him a wide fan base and the nickname D-RAN.

However, despite the offer of A Great self-confidence On the steep slopes of Austria, Dennis’ struggle with his identity is profound. Ultimately, there is the issue of race and what it means to be black in a sport whose practitioners are still overwhelmingly white.

Lineage, Denise’s personal journey of self-discovery

Lineage Do Denise’s storya A personal journey of self-discovery Who studies their relationship With your own skin toneWith those close to him and with everyone who shares his passion for skating. This journey takes him from the valley of his childhood and youth in Austria to Accra, the capital of Ghana, where his father is from, highlighting the value of family along the way.

Along with self-knowledge, Descent is a film that also looks outward, Exploring the broader role of racism, its impact on culture and the growing need for positive change.

The film shows the injustice that Dennis and many other people suffer in the mountains

It was filmed and produced over two years by the Legs of Steel teamsupported by Phil Young, founder of The Outsiders Project and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. “The Lineage” was filmed at a time of profound cultural and political change. It is a film that does not shy away from tackling difficult topics, highlighting the injustices suffered by Dennis and many other people in the mountains.

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the value, Dennis’s curiosity and kindness are a reflection of everyone, Challenge the audience to think about their own experiences, the influence they can have, and the kind of world they want to live in.

For Dennis, It is a world where differences are celebrated, and where… Young people of all backgrounds and ethnicities can see the steps he has takenOr so they can move on, find their own way to explore and help others do the same. The proportions can now be seen here

“Descent” will be screened at many film festivals around the world

Banff Film Festival, Alberta, Canada

Mount Kendall Festival, Cumbria, UK

iF3 Festival, Whistler, Canada

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