A group of 32 Brazilians cross from Gaza into Egypt on their way back to their homeland

According to the official note, these returnees “bring much more smiles than the anxiety and tension they experienced in recent days.”

There are 17 children, nine women and six men who have waited more than 30 days for permission from the authorities of Israel, Gaza and Egypt to return to Brazil, amid the armed conflict that began on October 7 between the military wing of Hamas. Hamas and Tel Aviv.

The text states that there are 22 citizens and 10 Palestinians who are relatives of Brazilians.

He stated that once the bureaucratic procedures were completed on Sunday, they were boarded in cars rented by the Brazilian embassy in Egypt heading to Cairo, the capital of that country, a trip that would take approximately six hours of travel in the presence of Brazilian diplomats.

A Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane is scheduled to take off from the Egyptian capital tomorrow, Itamaraty Palace, the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, said in a social media post.

They are scheduled to arrive at Brasilia Air Base at 11:30 pm local time on Monday.

“Congratulations to Itamarati and the Burundian Armed Forces for the exemplary dedication and competence in Operation Peaceful Return, which sought and welcomed Brazilians living in the conflict zone and wishing to return to Brazil,” President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva wrote in a post on your profile. On the social network X (formerly Twitter).

When Air Force One lands in this capital, the so-called Operation Peaceful Return will have transported 1,477 passengers, including 1,462 Brazilians, 11 Palestinians, three Bolivians and one Jordanian, in addition to 53 pets.

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“The situation of these Brazilians has been temporarily resolved, but the conflict situation is very serious. “President Lula remains very involved in resolving the issue,” Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira said Sunday during a press conference.

He said the president’s intention “is to discuss this matter again in the UN Security Council starting this week, so that a way can be found to suspend these hostilities.”

Since the beginning of the crisis, Lula has held telephone conversations with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, France, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, the European Council, Spain and India.

Vieira also held frequent dialogues with the foreign ministers of Israel and Egypt. He pointed out that “full efforts to liberate the Brazilians, from the beginning (October 7, the date of the first attacks against Israel), were made by the government, on the instructions of President Lula, with daily monitoring.”


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