The Netherlands and the United Kingdom are asking athletes not to bring their mobile phones or computers to China during the Winter Olympics

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are already causing controversy from the technological side. According to Dutch newspapers, respectively de Volkskrant and English telegraphBoth the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have asked Olympic athletes not to bring their mobile phones and computers to China.

As described by the Netherlands newspaper, Geert Sloot, of the Dutch Olympic Committee, explained that “cyber security is part of the risk assessment conducted for the trip to China” and as a result, “members of the Dutch team will be Equipped with unused hardware, to protect your personal data from Chinese surveillance“.

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In addition to the Dutch team, they also from the UK gave a similar recommendation for their athletes. The event will be held in Beijing during February and the UK warned They do not travel with their own devices While in China.

A report obtained by The Telegraph states that the British Olympic Association (BOA) Giving athletes new devices so they can stay connectedBut don’t put your personal data at risk. It is not known at the moment if these smartphones and computers will have any additional security. It is also appropriate to consider that if athletes use their social networks and accounts on these new devices, the potential risks are similar.

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As shown womanIn the past, the British Olympic Committee gave smartphones and computers to those in need, but it was more of an aid than a substitute. This is the The first time an explicit recommendation is given not to travel with personal devices.

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