The National Police controls a rebellion in the Ecuador Prison – Latina prison

In an official statement, the SNAI reported that the coordinated actions of the different teams allowed for a timely response to the events at the Cotopaxi 1 Center for Deprivation of Liberty.

The operations that were carried out also facilitated the protection of the safety of those deprived of their freedom in the facility, one of the four prisons that last week witnessed violent incidents that resulted in the killing of 80 inmates.

As part of the proceedings, five prison guards who were detained by inmates in an attempt to cause disturbances within the detention center were released.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, the presumed responsible for the accident have been revealed, and appropriate penalties will be imposed on them.

“All information will be submitted to the relevant authorities so that corresponding investigations can be conducted in order to maintain order and control in centers of deprivation of liberty throughout the country,” the statement said.

On February 25, riots were recorded as a result of clashes between rival gangs to maintain control of prisons, which ended in the killing of 80 people and more than twenty wounded, in events considered the worst massacre in the Ecuadorian prison system.

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