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The women’s national basketball team has already drawn up a shooting plan for the first time in the Tokyo Olympics.

Although there are still some details to be added, the Puerto Rican fifth will hold high-profile friendly matches, according to coach Jerry Batista. The track will start in Belgium, where Puerto Rico will play the Quadrangle Championship, from 28-30 May, with the participation of Serbia, Nigeria and the host country.

Then, the veteran coach explained that they are in talks to get a void with Switzerland, Italy or Greece, in the first week of June before traveling to Canada.

In Canada, Puerto Ricans will play, from June 19 to 27, the AmeriCup Championship, where there will be teams such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the teams that come out of the Centrobasket Championship. After that, they will cross the pool again to play a friendly match in Spain, on July 14, against the national team.

The next day, the 15th, they will finally leave for Japan, where they will play on July 17 and 19 with the hosts and another team that has yet to be confirmed.

Puerto Rico made its debut on July 27 against China, in Group C.

“This is the jigsaw of the blanks. When we travel to Canada, we’ll try to arrive a little earlier to start one or two fires earlier. AmeriCup should give us six matches. They are two divisions of five teams. You play one against one (in the first round) that guarantees you four.” Matches The other matches will be the first two of each group, and they are the games that progress. Batista commented that I hope to be among the first speaker.

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The coach confirmed that he hopes to gain more vacuums before debuting at the Olympics.

“What we want is to get more because what we want is to reach the Olympic Games with as many games as possible. Above all is a good level which is what we have achieved which gives us good preparation. But we are looking for two to four additional games.”

“We are looking for teams from Europe that are not necessarily in the Olympics, but they are preparing for the EuroBasket tournament (which will take place from 17 to 27 June). Make some blanks before coming here (to Puerto Rico) or going straight to Canada. Here’s the plan. We hold together. “

One of the aspects they were able to achieve was getting to Japan earlier.

At least they manage to get those blanks. They are first-rate fires. Besides, Japan invites us to arrive early, which is one of the things we wanted. To be in the east longer to adapt. “On the twentieth or twenty-first, we have to enter the Olympic Village,” Batista said.

“We have enough days to prepare and recover, and we will try to play hard with the United States by being there. We are in them. There is still one small game or another that has not been confirmed but we are doing a good job,” Batista said.

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