The National Institute of Statistics authorizes an additional 44.8 million pesos for the exercise of state abolition

According to Cordova, the institute will continue to operate even if someone is “harassing it” and “trying to build a false discourse” that the NIE is against citizen participation mechanisms.

“Make no mistake, that is not the case, this institute is the pillar of democracy in this country and that is why we make these kinds of decisions and in doing so deny copying those who are trying to build from now on the idea that the NIE is against the mechanics of democracy.”

On October 24, Cordova called on citizens to “confront disinformation and lies” from “the usual critics.”

“It is wrong as some, the usual critics, say, that the NIE intends to block a practice to repeal the mandate, quite the opposite,” Cordova said this Sunday in a video he posted on Twitter.

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