IOC baseball/softball elimination from Sydney 2012 “Joe”

Before touching on the topic of today’s cocktail, I’ll take a look at the papers Monday, October 25, 2021: “My Memoirs” on page 9, glosses from the “Guachimen” column say: The inconsistency “During their expulsion MP Benicio Robinson and his charismatic land purchase in Bocas del Toro formed a trend on the networks Social “. Without moral authority: “Things like this are what delegitimize when the authorities act, for whatever reason they may have. Commitment: “By the way, I hope the strength of Mphiot’s actions in this case is not only related to the promise that Neto made to Mariano to build a stadium in his honor. There are other invasions for years where the affected continue without law or God protect them.

See glimpses from “CALDO DEPORTIVO,” from METRO LIBRE, on page 22 (sports) on Monday, October 25, 2021. “What national cycling is worth, according to one of the leaders:” Emer Samudio, of FEPACI, subscriber to Network his presentation about Federation plans for Paris 2024 that ensures cycling in Panama is worth VELODROME, BMX racerm BMX Freestyle and more.” (Keep dreaming awake). National tour at what cost?” Many out there are scratching their heads about, how much does this national tour cost to talk to Leaders about proposals for a general sports and leisure law? – And the Bicentennial Charter?) Coliseo de Darin hurts others. “This Major League Baseball, Darren has brought his fanatic to life, and it’s a pity that his stadium is in Mitty, the same cannot be said. Without space, without streets and unqualified. At least a fan will see his team.” Weave “Free Metro,” page 2 on Monday, October 25. How will we believe? “Journalist and analyst Eduardo Lin Young revealed that they have shown him nauseatingly how cryptocurrency and BITCOIN work, but everything he takes appears to be linked to scams and this makes him doubt the safety of the funds.”

James Aparicio, Director of Diario Metro Libre: “I will not comment on politics, nor electoral law, the social mixing of public and private land invasions or protests and street closures, that we see here or there.

While doing my research on why “Magister-Pedro Aguilar” has not yet appeared, presumably an “adviser” for “Cacique de Pandeportes”, one of the “untouchables” in “Air Bubble”, from “SE”, “LCC”, “HD” , Héctor Brands, is that due to their status as private Jewish college retirees, they have to find the method of payment on the state payroll. Note this.

today’s subject. Add the cocktail. “To Remember to Live: The 101st Session of the International Olympic Committee, (IOC), under the leadership of ‘SE’.” Juan Antonio Samaranch (Father), in Monte Carlo, Monaco, September 23, 1993, in the vote to host the XXVII Summer Olympics. N ° 1) Voting, Sydney, Australia, 48 votes.

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No. 2) Beijing, Republic of China, 43 votes. N°3), United Kingdom, Manchester, 11 votes. They followed: Berlin, Germany and Istanbul. The Twenty-seventh Olympiad was held, Sydney, Australia, between 15 September and 1 October 2000, and 10,651 athletes, (6,582 athletes and 4,069 women) from 199 countries participated in and competed in 28 sports and 300 disciplines. President of the International Olympic Committee. Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Olympic Charter. Preamble: “Pierre de Coubertin put forward the idea of ​​the modern Olympic Games, on whose initiative the International Conference on Athletics met in Paris in June 1894. The International Olympic Committee was founded on June 23, 1894. The first Olympic Games (Olympic Games) of the modern era were celebrated in Athens, Greece in 1896. There is also in the Olympic Charter “Basic Principles of the Olympics” Chapter 4, (National Olympic Committees, (NOCs), in Article 27 states “The mission and function of NOCs Point 1:” The mission of NOCs is to develop and strengthen and protection of the Olympic Movement, in their countries, in accordance with the Olympic Charter Point 2: Role of National Olympic Committees 2.1. Promote the fundamental principles and values ​​of the Olympic Movement in their countries Countries, especially in the field of sports and training, support Olympic education programs at all levels (in Panama this is done For comfort).

They have the exclusive competition, to represent their countries in “JO” and in multi-sport, regional, continental and world competitions, sponsored by the International Olympic Committee. In addition, it is the responsibility of each team to participate in the Olympic Games and to send its players. That’s how it is. Chapter Five (JO) 1- Celebration, organization and management of the Olympic Games. Article 33: “Electing the host city.” Article 34) “Location, location and facilities” of “JO”. Article 35. “Organizing Committee.” Article 36: Responsibilities – Withdrawal of “JO” organization Article 37. “JO” Coordination Committee – Liaison between NOCs and OCOG. Article 38: Olympic Village.

Article 39 “Cultural programme”. II “Participation in “JO”. Article 40: Token of Acceptance”.

Article 41: Nationality of the contestants. Article 42. “Age Limit”. Article 43: “The World Anti-Doping Code”. Article 44. “Registration invitations.” #1) “The IOC will send invitations to participate in “JO” to all National Olympic Committees one year prior to the opening ceremony. #2), Only IOC-recognized Olympic Games companies can submit athletes to the Olympic Games. # 3), “Any entry is subject to approval by the International Olympic Committee which may, in its discretion, refuse any entry at any time without giving reasons. No person is automatically entitled to participate in the Olympic Games. #4), the National Olympic Committee will register competitors only following the registration recommendations of the national sports federations, (the COP does so to their taste, and on the orders of the Mitomanos, the owners of the COP, Camilo Amadou Varela, and their attorney Damaris Young, who illegally chairs the COP, Endorsed by the President of Panama, “SE” LCC.)

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#5), “NOCs will only send ‘JO’ to competitors who are suitably prepared for a high-level international competition.” Through the ‘FI’, the national sports federation can invite the IOC Executive Committee to reconsider the IOC’s decision regarding the registration issue. The decision of the IOC Executive Committee will be final.”

“His Excellency Juan Antonio Samaranch (Father) of Spain, who was President of the International Olympic Committee for 21 years, was elected in Moscow, Russia, 1980-2001, trumped by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who ruled for 29 years. Avery Brundage of “USA He was President of the IOC for 20 years (1952-9722. (Lord Kelanen), 1972-1980) 8 years. The disaster of the IOC, headed by ‘SE’, ‘JAS’ for the 19th Winter Olympics 2002, came In Salt Lake City, about the abuses of the members of the IOC, who were separated from the IOC. This forced the IOC reforms of 2000. The president said: “Our institution was founded one hundred and five years ago, at a time when these problems were not These risks exist. The IOC has done it right for many years. But we were wrong when we did not see that our organization had to adapt to a new world, a new framework, a new society in which funds are misappropriated in all human and social activities including capital activities. In the cocktail, I only knew some of our sport.

That is why the presidents of the International Olympic Committee, starting with Dr. Jacques Rogoy, have a term of only 12 years.

Press release titled: “The International Olympic Committee has removed baseball and softball from the Olympic programme.” Content: “Baseball and softball have been excluded from the sports to be played at the 2012 Games. Baseball has been included in Barcelona 92 ​​and Atlanta softball 96 and until a new decision by the International Olympic Committee, in Beijing they will see their relationship discontinued with the Five Rings.” In secret voting they did not reach a majority to ensure their continuity.Cuba and the United States are the only two countries to hand out gold medals in baseball, while North America has always been the winner in softball.

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The Executive Director of the organization, chaired by Jacques Rogge (RIP), met to decide, through a vote, that two athletes would occupy those places, which are mandatory coverage. Finally, the Olympic program for the 2012 Games, to be held in London, will include 26 sports, after the General Assembly of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which excluded baseball and softball and refused to integrate RUGBY TO SEVEN, GOLF, KARATE, roller skating and squash. These last five sports were the favorites. Karate and squash were the most voted and their eligibility was confirmed. However, they had to face a new vote in which they needed a bolstered two-thirds majority to ratify their annexation, but they were unsuccessful. Karate received 63 votes to 39 against, while squash received 63 votes to 38, which led to its refusal to be included in the Olympic program.

entry professionals. In 1988, the International Professional League allowed the use of professional players at the World Cup, although baseball stars made official appearances at Sydney 2000 and CM in 2001 in Taiwan. In 2000, Notari sought the continuation of the Olympic calendar, changed the organization’s name to IBAF (International Baseball Federation), and moved the headquarters to the Olympic city of Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2006, Notari died, months after celebrating Japan’s first Classic World Championship, American Harvey Schiller took over the presidency, who devoted great efforts to returning baseball to “Joe”. Schiller’s relations with the Major Leagues were in good shape and MLB provided support for the campaign. Schiller helped implement global anti-doping policy and oversaw the World Cup in 2009, which was played with 22 countries. The event was organized by seven European countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain and Susya. In December 2009, the Italian Riccardo Fraccari was elected President of the IBAF. Fraccari began his career in baseball as a home board referee for the 1984 Olympics Championship game. Today he is president of (WBSC), the International Olympic Committee-endorsed World Federation of Baseball and Softball (IOC). And what do you think of the cocktail reader?

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