The National College offers its extensive editorial output

El Colegio Nacional has devoted itself since its founding on May 13, 1943 to the dissemination of scientific, artistic and humanistic culture, as well as the exchange and discussion of knowledge. Its editorial output represents the important academic and publishing works of its members, distinguished Mexican personalities from all fields of knowledge: the arts and letters, the social and human sciences, the exact sciences, and the biological and health sciences.

Echoing its motto “Freedom to Know,” this institution opens its doors so the public can learn about and get access to the various works from its historical catalog, as well as opening news at its New Year’s Eve sale, Open Winery, which takes place at the foundation’s library from last Thursday 9 through December 24 .

Among the large and numerous editorial output this winery brings together, it is important to highlight works of great bibliographical, historical and documentary value for sale, such as the first two books published by El Colegio Nacional, in 1945 and 1946.

the first one is heart disease; surgery and pregnancy (1945), by Dr. Ignacio Chavez, founder of the first national cardiology institute. In his book, he presents important and interesting facts about pregnancy and surgery as a risk factor for a heart patient. It includes a detailed analysis of the hemodynamics of a normal pregnancy, indications for the management of complications during labor and surgical interventions.

The other book tamed woman (1946) by Mariano Azuela, a member of this institution and considered the initiator of the so-called “Novel of the Mexican Revolution”. This work tells the story of a young woman who must return to her native land, in the Mexican province, after a series of misfortunes that befell her when she arrives to study in Mexico City. The work sparked a great deal of controversy after its publication.

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Add to these folders Pánuco . Invasion (1948), by Manuel Toussaint, who joined this institution in 1946. Toussaint, a historian and specialist in the art of New Spain, published this book under the editorship of José Luis Martinez. In it, he conducted a large-scale historical, geographical, political, and ethnographic study of the region comprising the Huasteca region of Mexico.

In addition, a rich variety of complete works will be available, such as those of the poet and essayist Gabriel Zeid. in selection Articles about poetry (1993), critique of the cultural world (1999), Ensayos to advance (2004). in a fame and money (2017), the university collects essays and articles on the public life of cultural and media heroes; In addition, he provides an analysis of public, official, and governmental participation in cultural manifestations, as well as the rulers’ ignorance of artistic creativity.

In addition, you can find different editions published by El Colegio Nacional with other publishers or cultural institutions. An example of this is the book Reflections: Replicas (1996) Nobel Prize for Literature Octavio Paz. The magazine has republished this volume Back On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary.

Regarding the editorial events of El Colegio Nacional, there are works such as Spanish in America: From the Language of Conquest to the Language of Heritagefrom the Concepción Company; Who is afraid of the periodic table?Coordinated by Eusebio Juaristi and Luis Felipe Rodríguez Jorge; last arrow. Ramon Lopez Velarde at the National School, an anthology prepared by members Vicente Querarte and Juan Veloro; The printed version of the entrance sermons Memory traces and steps to becomeWritten by Felipe Leal; Interpretation of the “torn social fabric”by Claudio Lumenitz, and The wonderful world of virusesWritten by Susana Lopez Chariton; Beside Smooth stroke. Rafael Lopez Castro. Mexican graphic designer, from the collection of Germain Montalvo, with texts by Juan Villoro and Vicente Rojo, and newer title in the Opúsculo collection The dead live, the living are killed. Mictlantecuhtli and Templo Mayorby Leonardo Lopez Logan.

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The National College invites readers Chronicle To the New Year’s Eve sale, the warehouse is open, in the library of this institution, located at Donceles 104, Colonia Centro Histórico, Mexico City, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Saturdays from 10: from 00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and on December 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Invitation to sell winery.


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