The future of the Alps after Fernando Alonso

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Another great driver coming for Formula 1 from the future. if with Max Verstappen This contest has been a champion for a while, with Charles Leclerc s Carlos Sainz Ferrari Has a dedicated partner, with George Russell Mercedes Look for the next British Champion and with him Mick Schumacher It’s about finding the legend sequence, Oscar Bistare (MelbourneAnd Australia, 2001) were strong. the Australian have won formula 2 in the 2021 season.

Biastery, disciple of Di Mark Webber Born 20 years ago in Melbourne, he won two seasons ago in Formula Renault And last year’s championship Formula 3, with what is now winning his third title followed in three years. Despite all his success, the young Australian driver will not have a seat in Formula 1 before the 2022 season. Guanyu Zhou He will be Alfa Romeo’s second driver and that was the only chance he had to join the team.

Biastri will have to content himself with being a test driver in the Alps, in the shadow of the Spaniards Fernando Alonso It is French Esteban Ocon. It’s specifically the last link to “the planThe idea is that the Astori will contest his final season in 2022 in ‘big circusAnd that it gives comfort to this Australian who will be a sponge during this first drive for change in Formula 1. The new system of the sport is facing regulations hoping to equalize the competition.

Details of Oscar Piastre’s mechanics after winning the Formula 2 Championship.

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Paradoxes of Destiny: The F2 champion is left without a seat as a starting driver when he deserves it most in the 2022 grid. Moreover, he will also not be able to defend his title in the World Motorsports Championship Second Division. In any case, the Australian is very cautious in his growth. She has already announced that she will not be holding any other competition with the aim of learning everything possible to get as well prepared as possible for the great premiere.

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It is not certain that he will continue to run in 2023. Marcin Budkowski He spoke about the young Australian’s status and the possibility of him replacing Fernando Alonso in the not too distant future. When asked if they would play the center in 2022 for the following year, he replied: “If the car is fast and Fernando is happy, we’ll have some kind of conversation. If not, then this discussion will continue On the other hand, we are very talented with Oscar and if not There is a site available at Alpine, I am sure we will find a solution.”

The strength behind you determines the driver’s career in this Formula 1. Zhou’s Chinese money has left no options for driving next season. The fact that he was backed by Webber did not confirm anything to the young Australian. The Alps should be with other agreements opening the door for him, both on his team and on another team from 2023. But this incredible talent in motorsports cannot go without driving a wheel for long.

His father is an influence

Chris Piastre She is very important in Oscar’s life. “My dad and I started karting together when I was a kid. My dad used to take me to all my races and was a mechanic when I was racing in Australia. He was definitely the first influence on my career, and I’d say maybe the biggest too,” he explained to the website for Son. Although the key lies in the step he took with Mark Webber.

Oscar Piastre and Mark Webber, during a Formula 2 test.

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Oscar Piastre and Mark Webber, during a Formula 2 test.


The person who was a pilot Red Bull He launched his career. “Mark is now my manager, so he has had a huge direct impact on my career, but when I started watching Formula One, he was with Red Bull and fighting for the championship. He was the only Australian driver on the grid at the time. In addition to being my coach, he made an impact. In my career as well, and for a longer period of time,” Piastrie explains.


Oscar came to Europe when he was only 14 years old. It was shock For a young man who had hardly left Melbourne to face a new world in United kingdom. Hertford It was his home and it wasn’t easy: “I wasn’t completely alone because I went to boarding school with so many people my age, but I was away from my family in a different country and that was really hard. It was hard feeling like I left everything behind, Like my family and friends.”

I quickly got into the radar Renault. They included him in their pilot program in order to train him. Webber had referred to him often and the French team was taking the first step. In an era when great talent is graduating from Red Bull or Ferrari, a mix between UK and France He was about to form a pilot who had been called up to fight for the title of Great Realm in the next few years. For now, he’ll have to learn by sharing the garage with Fernando Alonso.

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The Astri will be the reference for Pastry in 2022. The Formula 2 champion will be the apprentice to the two-times fastest man with Formula 1. Between instone s VirusesAlpine has in her hands the next talent that fans of the sport will love. Australia is eager to see its great champion with a racing car in his hands. He will test this week with the car of the season and that will be his first contact with a world he wants to dominate one day.

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