The move to the new building of the Museum of Natural Sciences has begun

Wednesday 4 August 2021


This week he started with a move to the county’s new Natural Science Museum. It is about the imposing building that the regional government is constructing on the land in what was known as Belgrano railway station which will allow to house the big dinosaurs.

The move was confirmed by Oscar Alcooper, Director of the Institute and Museum of Natural Sciences (IMCN), dependent on the School of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences at UNSJ, who commented that this is the first part of the move.

The new building is in the full construction phase, but is already in a very advanced condition. The design includes workshops, laboratories, cabinets for researchers, and very large spaces for the paleontologist’s exhibition. “It will be an impressive attraction for the territory and the UNSJ will take the role of advisor, of course,” he said, noting that it was more than a year before it was ready.

Despite this, there are already ready-made and usable stages, which will include everything that has been moved. At this point, the fossils collected in Ischigualasto, Mogna and Marayes were transferred, material still not prepared for display and study.

“All that has been brought here to the basement of the new building, where the fossil preparation laboratory will operate,” said the director of the United Nations Paleontological Institute, on the UNSJ website.

insect sample

The fate of the building in which IMCN operates today is reserved for biology. Oscar Cooper said that the scientific staff related to this specialty will remain there and a new annex will be added. “Our idea is to set up a biological exhibit there, which we tentatively think will be an insect specimen. It will, of course, be a fun educational show for boys and girls,” Alcooper said.

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