The moon causes longer days

When our planet was still very young, days were only 13 hours long. But due to the influence of the Moon, the days are now longer on Earth.

Astronomers from the University of London (UK) are not exaggerating when they say that the Moon, the only natural satellite of the Earth, has caused Life as we know it thrives. Because of the delicate gravitational relationship it has with our planet, lThe moon has lengthened the days over millions of years.

Of course, the process was not overnight. By contrast, astronomers estimate that 4.5 billion years ago, The days lasted only 13 hours. About half the time it takes Earth Currently rotating around its axis. Here we explain why.

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Back and forth in the universe

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according to space placeNASA’s Childhood Platform, L The spin that our planet gives on its axis It is common as Sunday. Depending on the gravitational relationship of the planets to the Sun and their natural satellites, the solar day for each of them has a different duration. Days on Earth are 24 hours.

It defines the gravitational relationship that binds Earth to its only natural satellite, the Moon Movement of high and low tides. As explained by Richard Gray, science journalist at BBC:

“These tides are, in fact, a ‘bulge’ of water that extends in an elliptical shape toward and away from the moon’s gravity.” Even in this it is clear how skillfully the Moon “pulls” our planet.

still The earth is spinning faster on its own axis from the moon. This creates a little friction in the ocean basins moving below the surface. This bump is moving Slightly faster than the Moon in its orbitWhich makes the satellite trying to make up for this difference.

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Over billions of years, this is what happened Rotational energy exhaustion from our planet. Therefore, it has slowed its rotational speed on its axis. In other words, The moon made the days longer.

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Will humans see change in length of days?

Braking to the ground was gradual. In reality, It is practically imperceptible to living organisms. All this time, although the Moon has caused the days to be lengthened, in billions of years it has achieved it. For example, since the late 17th century, the length of Earth’s day has increased It increased by only 1.09 milliseconds.

However, astronomers know this More than 4.5 billion years agoSince the moon revolves around the earth, This has brought about a profound change. This is how Tom Eulenfeld, a geophysicist at Schiller University in Jena (Germany), explains:

The Earth’s faster rotation has therefore shortened the length of the day [dentro de un período de 24 horas] There were two sunrises and two sunsets, not one like today, ”says the specialist.

According to the study he recently published with a team of scientists, this promoted the The temperature difference between day and night is reduced. Over time, it affected the biochemistry of photosynthetic organisms: The first signs of earthly life.

However, this has been happening for a very long time. With the climate crisis behind us, and with the evolutionary path our species is taking, so is he Modern humanity is unlikely to realize these changes..

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