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This is how you can find all kinds of books and movies for free through Google Drive.

One of the most used tools of all the tools offered by Google is Google Drive, which, as most readers know, is characterized by being the service that allows us to save different file formats in a secure way and synchronize them to access them from any device or even to share them with other users. Likewise, thanks to the functions and tools of this service, it is also possible to keep these files organized.

So, given its functionality, it is a service that is commonly used on a daily basis by students, teachers and professionals from various fields to protect, synchronize and share files in many formats in a very safe, practical and fast way, making it an ideal tool service for developing endless activities at the academic, professional and business levels.

Due to the way this Google service works, it can also be used as a tool to access books and movies completely free of charge, as we will find that many users use this platform to synchronize and share this type of content with the whole world. Generally, that is, with open access to all those interested in it.

In this regard, if you do not know this way to use Google Drive to access books and movies for free, do not worry, because today in this article we will tell you the trick that you must apply to be able to achieve this. , which is very simple and only consists of following a few steps to do so.

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So, if you are interested in knowing this information, we invite you to continue reading this article, as we will tell you all the details below.

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The trick that few know to access free books and movies on Google Drive

To access books and movies for free via Google Drive, simply do the following:

1.- Go to Google browser on your device.

2.- In the search engine, enter the following “”, but before clicking on the search engine, leave a space and enter the name of the movie or book you wish to find.

3.- For example, to search for a book on biochemistry, we must enter the search engine: “ biochemistry” and click on search.

4.- When you do this, you will notice that several alternatives to the name or topic you entered earlier appear, so, just browse through these searches to check if the content you want is there and if it is open and there is no type of access required.

So, now you know that if you are looking for a book and/or movie and you are not having any luck, you can apply this simple trick to find the content in Google Drive in a very simple and free way.

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