The life of the sticks is 417 hours, according to iFixit

Nintendo isn’t the only company to have issues with controls, PlayStation 5 users also struggle I mentioned drift problems At DualSense, there is actually a law firm interested in Collect testimonials about A class action lawsuit against Sony Corporation.

YouTube channel iFixit I decided to open DualSense and see what could be the jacks fault. The first detail to take into account is that the devices you use on your stick are the same as those you use on a file DualShock 4, Switch Pro controller, and even Xbox One Elite.

The middleman indicates that the sticks module was created by the company Alps According to manufacturer information, potentiometers can have a duration of up to 2 million revolutions when tilted, while they can withstand up to 500,000 cycles when pressed (when pressed R3 or L3).

The channel decided to calculate how much they could interpret the sticks’ duration, explaining that the main factor was the type and intensity of the games they were playing. To do so, they decided to use “Call of Duty: Warzone” as an example. Note that the lifetime of the cranes 471 hours of play.

Exceeding this amount of time “terminates” the life of the cranes, causing a Drift. They also state that it is not the only factor, there are also external elements like Plastic dust can accelerate failure By accumulating in the mechanism.

In case they want to fix it, they point out that the solution will not be so simple, they can start with maintenance of the parts, but if replacement is needed, welding is required and they add that the solution is not always guaranteed.

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Explain this It is only an estimate of the information provided by the manufacturerThere may be instances of drift with a much shorter time or cases of people exceeding the number of impulses and not being a problem.

So far, PlayStation hasn’t released a statement regarding DualSense’s drift issue.

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