The Lebanese resistance fires a Burkan missile at an Israeli barracks

The Lebanese political and military movement confirmed, in a statement, that it was directly affected by the operation directed at the General Command Center of the 91st Division of the Tel Aviv Army.

As part of its operations to support Gaza and Palestinian fighters, Hezbollah announced a midnight attack on an Israeli military vehicle as it entered the Metulla site and reported injuries among its crew members.

In this context, Israeli media reported that four missiles were fired from Lebanon after sirens sounded in the Al-Kush settlement.

In a summary of military operations, the resistance reported that yesterday it carried out nine attacks against Israeli forces, including firing Katyusha rockets at the Beit Hillel base, the headquarters of the air control unit in Meron, and the headquarters of the newly established 146th Division. In Gatun.

According to what Hezbollah reported, these operations come in response to the Israeli attacks on Lebanese villages, the most recent of which were the southern towns of Ain Baal and Shehabiya, which led to civilian casualties.


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