The laughter, the kiss, the knowing looks

One day after landing in Cowes, United Kingdom, the King arrived Juan Carlos (85 years old) began his training to compete in World Sailing Championships, for the Seis Metros category, which will be held from September 4 to 8. Last Friday, the first day, Al-Fakhri began his preparations on board the ship Prepon. Accompanied by Infanta Elena (59), Who starred in some affectionate photos with him.

Juan Carlos faces this appointment after preparing with the crew of the ship Prepon, led by his friend Pedro Campos (73), in the boat race held in Sanxenxo at the end of last July, where he achieved first place. The World Cup, which will be held in Cowes, north of the Isle of Wight, is the third in which Wald has participated Philip VI (55), after winning the title in the classic category in the competitions held in 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, and two years later in Hanko, Finland.

Before you start browsing, Father and daughter were very complicit and united. Elena, who shares many of King Juan Carlos’s sporting hobbies, has become the King Emeritus’ biggest supporter since his departure for Abu Dhabi in August 2020. She usually visits him frequently, the only one who recently received him in Sanxenxo and now accompanies him in the United Kingdom.

[El rey emérito Juan Carlos I ya está en Reino Unido para participar en el mundial de vela]

Their good harmony was reflected in the affectionate gestures exchanged on board the Bripon, while they were still in port. Juan Carlos looked at his daughter with love, Who responded with the same admiration. They both showed off a big smile On one occasion, Al-Fakhri tenderly kissed the hand of his eldest daughter.

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Juan Carlos and Elena wore the same nautical style that they showed off a month ago in Sanxenxo. They both wear identical clothes: black pants, a white long-sleeved shirt, a dark jacket, and a gray hat with the ship’s insignia on it. Infanta only added a backpack to her outfit The honorary has used his smart ring againIt is able to measure sleep, calories, and heart rate. While sailing, to protect themselves from the cold, the king and his daughter added a blue jacket to their appearance.

He appeared clearly thinner, having lost about 20 kilograms in recent months thanks to the physical preparation program he followed at his residence in Abu Dhabi. The King Emeritus went out sailing with the intention of participating in the boat races that begin next Monday, September 4. Their participation will not be confirmed until one day before, when the composition of the 20 sailboat crews that will start will be officially announced.

Father and daughter never stopped looking at each other with deep admiration.


King Juan Carlos also showed himself Closely With the media. In a friendly stance and concerned about the low temperatures in the United Kingdom, he advised journalists gathered there to wear warm clothes.

After training with the crew, Honorary Juan Carlos returned to town, making sure everything was going “just right.” In addition, he responded to the program Yas summer If you are planning to settle in Spain again. He did so with a “yeah, sure.”

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