The latest Xbox Series X update fixes an issue you might not have known about

The Last updated That came to the Xbox Series X operating system in addition to improving some internal things, and the problem of dragging the console has also been solved since its launch last November.

Update 5496 that arrived yesterday, as we said, resolved an issue that was not related to games but solved an issue with the player. Blu-ray From the console. This bug caused that when we re-produced a 4K movie or video, the blacks were not fully displayed correctly, but this new update has arrived to address this issue.

Xbox Series X: Blu-Ray playback optimization

Certainly those with OLEDs have noticed this problem more, and the most common failure was that blacks of the scenes were not viewed with the necessary opacity and showed higher brightness than they should be. Vincent TeoHe’s an expert on display and has already noticed this problem a few months ago and has now released a new video showing that this issue has already been fixed with the January OS update.

After this update, any Xbox Series X user can enjoy playing Blu-Ray content in the best possible quality.

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