The International Space Station had to maneuver again to avoid a piece of space debris

a piece of space junk Russia has passed the International Space Station During the early hours of Wednesday, he had to maneuver to avoid the wreckage.

NASA indicated on file blog or note As flight control teams prepared for the US flight, updated tracking data from a portion of the debris from the upper stage of Russia’s Fregat-SB showed Close approximation to the station.”

In connection with the information mentioned, the flight control teams have ordered the crew to do so Stop preparing for the walk While the ground crew determined the steps needed to perform the Pre-Determined Debris Avoidance Maneuver (PDAM).

During the maneuver, the Roscosmos Progress 81 engines fired for 10 minutes 21 seconds, given that without changing course, the a pot It is estimated that the wreckage could have exceeded 402 metres.

fuel release Never endanger crew astronautsIn addition, the decision to perform the maneuver delayed the planned spacewalks of Frank Rubio and Josh Cassada (NASA astronauts).

NASA managers will evaluate the next planned spacewalk to install a new set of deployable solar arrays with a view Increase energy capabilities International Space Station.

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