Lebanon strengthens its relations with the League of Arab States (+ photos)

Within the framework of the Beirut Economic Forum, the Union of Arab Chambers and the Regional Organization for Agricultural Development signed a memorandum of understanding in favor of food security and sector growth in the Levant.

Abbas Haj Hassan, Minister of Agriculture in the Lebanese Interim Government, emphasized the cooperation and efforts of the regional bloc in order to launch the work and programs of the Arab Bureau for various entrepreneurship in the country.

For his part, the Minister of Environment, Nasser Yassin, highlighted proposals for climate projects in the Arab world and the various plans that will be implemented in 2023 and the following years.

In a session devoted to the diaspora, the Minister of Information, Ziyad al-Makari, stressed the need to find solutions to migration and the Syrian displacement file.

He indicated that there would be no stability without the election of the next president of the republic, to restore Lebanese political life and constitutional institutions, in order to form a new government with a program of action.

On this occasion, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, added that the majority of the Lebanese are struggling not to fall into the abyss of poverty, and the unemployment rate reaches 30%. Meanwhile, economic hardship drives the best minds to emigrate in search of opportunities elsewhere.

Regarding the exacerbation of the crisis, the official stressed that Lebanon needs the confidence of investors and supporters in the region and beyond, as well as its people in the government and political leaders, and the determination to follow the path of reform.

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From this standpoint, Aboul Gheit indicated that the state does not tolerate a prolonged presidential vacancy, and called for dialogue to nominate a head of state who would represent its people, with all their sects and political and party affiliations, under the title of unity and recovery. .

For his part, President of the Union of Arab Chambers, Samer Abdullah Nass, affirmed that the private sector in the region and the Gulf supports its Lebanese counterpart in its intention to contribute to the process of stability and growth in the country.

More than 400 national figures and about 30 countries are participating in the Arab Economic Forum, with the aim of encouraging and stimulating the return of investments in the Levant and supporting Lebanon’s recovery, after the effects of the worst crisis in its modern era.


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