The International Court of Justice orders Israel to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza

The main judicial body of the United Nations requires the Israeli authorities to first establish more border crossings.


the international justice CourtOn Thursday, the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza “without delay.” Thus, the main judicial body of the United Nations asks the Israeli authorities, first and foremost, to establish more border crossings. the to request The Commission's first decision, issued on January 26, is amended since the International Court of Justice decided that these measures “do not fully address the consequences resulting from changes in the situation.”

The International Court of Justice noted that “the Palestinians in Gaza no longer face only danger famineBut famine has begun to take hold in the region.” The agency also ordered the Israeli government to submit a report on the implementation of the order.

The original decision was based on a lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel, according to which Israel's actions in Gaza fell within the scope of the Human Rights Convention. Genocide. Israel denies accusations of intentionally causing human suffering, and says humanitarian agencies are ineffective in delivering and distributing aid. In addition, he claims that Hamas fighters are looting aid convoys.

The United States and Israel are looking for a date to resume talks on the Rafah attack

Meanwhile, the United States and the Israeli government agreed to “reschedule” the meeting It was canceled earlier this week. According to the White House, the possibility of finding an “appropriate date” is being discussed.

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A meeting was scheduled to be held between senior advisors to Biden and Netanyahu in Washington to discuss the possible military operation in Rafah. The conversations were canceled It was taken by the Israeli Prime Minister after the United States failed to use its veto power against the UN Security Council resolution demanding a ceasefire.

Tensions escalated on the border between Israel and southern Lebanon

At the same time, the situation on the border between Israel and Lebanon deteriorated. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited the Italian soldiers who are part of the United Nations peacekeeping forces stationed in southern Lebanon, along the border with Israel, and described them as “…sand wall“They were built to help stop the advance of armed conflict.”

On Thursday, Hezbollah fired several missiles at cities in northern Israel, describing its move as a retaliatory response to the attacks carried out by Israeli forces on Wednesday and Thursday. They lost their lives At least 15 people, according to Lebanese sources. It appears that among the dead were seven paramedics who were working at the emergency health center in the town of Al-Habaria.

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