The indigenous movement will vote for Arause on the ballot with Lasso

The protest capacity of the indigenous movement in Ecuador is very strong, as one analyst comments about the demonstrations in support of the candidate Yaco Perez.

The narrative of possible fraud in the February 7 presidential election in Ecuador prompted indigenous organizations supporting their candidate, ecologist Yaco Perez, to start a massive march towards the capital, Quito, to demand the vote count.

Political analyst Mauro Andino Espinosa said in an interview with Hispan TV on Tuesday, that the Indigenous movement is a political actor and socio-historical issue in our country, about the ability to agglomerate and protest against the rules of indigenous people that he described as “very”. Strong and strong.

In another part of his remarks, the interviewee considered that the voters and political base of Yaku Pérez could vote in the next ballot for the first round winner, that is, the progressive candidate from the Union of Hope (Unes), Andres Arouz.

Andino explains that this is because the indigenous people are so “agonized and disgusted” with the right-wing candidate, the banker Guillermo Lasso, due to the fact that he backtracked on the agreement reached with Perez to count the six million votes.

Leaders of indigenous organizations insist that now it is not a matter of candidacy, but of defending the Ecuadorian people, because electoral fraud and life change are at stake in the country.

For his part, Arouz supported Peres’ request and demanded a recount within the constitution. The second round of elections will be held on April 11.

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