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(Zenit News / London 06/20/2024) – A New report By Voice for Justice UK, based on a survey of 1,562 people, highlights the alarming rise in discrimination and hostility towards Christians in the UK. This Christian organization, which focuses on social justice, warns that people with orthodox Christian beliefs face increasing disdain, especially among younger generations.

The report’s findings are conclusive:

– 56% of those surveyed reported that they were subjected to hostility and ridicule when they spoke about their faith, a percentage that rises to 61% among younger people.

– More than half of people under the age of 35 have negative stereotypes about Christians in their workplace.

– 38% of Christians under the age of 35 feel that their freedom of expression is restricted.

– 78% of the sample believe that religious discrimination is not treated with the same seriousness as other forms of discrimination.

Linda Rose, UK director of Voice for Justice, expressed concern: “Christianity is the foundation of our society and supports tolerance and acceptance of diversity. However, our survey shows that Christians are increasingly facing discrimination both in the workplace and in society. Rose pointed out that the community has adopted an anti-Christian ideology, which is against the law.

The report also reveals that discrimination is most pronounced when Christians express disagreement with the beliefs of the LGBT movement. Furthermore, many participants mentioned that Muslims receive more sensitive treatment, and any criticism of them is viewed almost as racism.

Voice for Justice UK commissioned the survey after the UK was ranked in the top five countries in Europe for anti-Christian hate crimes. They documented hundreds of cases of censorship, harassment, and intimidation, which often harm Christians’ job prospects or advancement. Many complained of being forced to adhere to ideologies that conflicted with their beliefs or to act against their conscience.

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In the face of this situation, Voice for Justice UK established the Commission of Inquiry into Discrimination against Christians (CIDAC), which for two years will collect evidence of persecution and harassment against Christians because of their faith.

In the introduction to the report, Nick Fletcher, Conservative MP for Don Valley, highlighted the importance of Christianity in British society: “Christianity is the cornerstone of many of the values ​​we take for granted. Without Christianity, our tolerance, diversity and freedom of conscience would be a thing of the past.” Fletcher urged the report to be widely disseminated among those working in human resources, education, employers, church leaders and public policy makers, warning of the increasing attack on Christianity in society.

This report not only calls for action, but also seeks to protect Christianity and the fundamental values ​​it has brought to British society.

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