Germany will consider processing asylum applications outside the European Union

Schulz indicated, in a press conference in the capital after his meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states, that he would review expert reports soon to determine whether it was possible to conclude asylum agreements with third countries.

We have discussed the first evaluation reports. Now we will proceed carefully. “I think at this stage we should avoid speculation about what is possible and what is not possible,” Schulz said, adding that this will not be an easy process.

The German Federal Chancellor expressed that the agreement between Italy and Albania cannot be a model for Berlin, because the situation in Italy is completely different from the situation in Germany and the majority of illegal immigrants arrived in Italy by sea.

He also stressed that the agreement between the UK and Rwanda was also not a suitable model, as Germany must adhere to the requirements of EU law when processing asylum applications.

At today’s meeting, we were not expected to say how we would ultimately do it. Rather, it was about carefully considering the options, weighing what was possible together, and we agreed that we would meet again in December. I finish.


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