The image that reveals that even Jaime Lozano does not trust Memo Ochoa after his mistake against the United States

the Mexican national team He loses in the final CONCACAF Nations League, in view of United State.

He came for the failure that never fails with Mexican national team, Ochoa memorandum He made a mistake by not crossing his team's goal correctly.

Given this, Jaime Lozano warmed up Luis Malagón and Julio Gonzalez In the first half, though, it's said to be protocol. The pressure is certainly on the Mexican goalkeeper.

Ochoa and Mexico's defense make mistakes again

the The Mexican national team Ochoa memorandum They are having a nightmare night.

In fact, everyone, including… Jaime LozanoThey did not respond to the first goal United StateYes, indeed Mexico Because he wanted to find par with multiple shots, he allowed space.

The same ones that he benefited from United State, It's after a good play Pulisic Cleared by the Mexican defence, Reyna, one of the jewels of the United States, hit a powerful ball that beat Ochoa.

The United States shows you its reality in Mexico

United State He has a completely different band mexican national team, This means that the gringos have a great project to bring out young talent, unlike El Tri.

Who believe that by preventing the departure of players from Mexican League You can compete at the national team level, when the reality is completely different.

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Managers believe that the paper that Mexico there was Qatar 2022 Already forgotten, or so by winning Gold cupThey have a calm crowd.

On the other hand, football duels in Mexico can enjoy billions of pesos generated by the Mexican love of soccer, and if the sport is not prioritized over the economy, things will remain the same.

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As long as we don't work with young people or send talent to them EuropeAnd defeats will continue to exist.

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