The historic MLS player explained why everyone wants to play in the US and talked about Messi and Inter Miami

landondonovanAnd he confirmed, who is considered the best American football player in history, that Inter MiamiWith world champion Lionel Messi and The new champion of the League CupIt’s the best team in the American League. MLS.

“I didn’t think the change at Inter would be so big and early, but from the first minute the change was made just because Messi was there.” Express scorer, along with Clint Dempseyof the US national team in history with 57 goals.

Donovan, 41, winner of four CONCACAF Gold Cups, added via Apple TV: “I am amazed at the way Inter are playing. The team has completely changed, it is already the best team in the league, and we will see when the league resumes.” American League”.

Messi will play with him on Wednesday Inter Miamifrom 8:30 p.m. Argentine time, by Cincinnati One of the US Open Cup semi-finals, at TQL Stadium in Ohio, while the other will be led by Houston Dynamo and Real Salt Lake.

Donovan, who played in the Mexican League for Leon and the Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer, noted the growth of the American championship. “In recent years it’s changed and the MLS teams are a little bit better than the ones in Mexico. The reason for the growth is that everyone wanted to play here, before the competition was low and the money too. Now, there’s a lot of money and it’s a lot better, if it goes on like this As such, the best in the world will want to play here.” The striker, who participated in the World Cup four times, concluded in 2002, 2006 and 2010.

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