The Groyne is the strange name for A Coruña in the United Kingdom before the nineteenth century

A Coruña, A Coruña, Coruña, La Coruña, Baby. What do you call it? The city of A Coruña is known in different ways depending on the context. Responsible, political, social … But there was a time when he was from the north, that land that Priogan saw from the Tower of Hercules, This small town used to be known as The Groyne.

This is what appeared in many British texts and maps before the nineteenth century. So, on the day Francis Drake and the British Army wanted to capture A Coruña from 1589, when Maria Pitta blew her chest and took a spear, the English were definitely cursing the name The Groen.

But what does this word mean? Groyne is translated into Spanish as a breakwater. The shape of the dam of the Coruña Peninsula may have inspired some of the British explorers who came by boat to this corner of the Atlantic Ocean. There are also those who suggest an unconventional modification of the French Curon, Although it seems less likely.

Until now It can be found in nautical charts and charts With this doctrine. This is the situation Scheme of Ferrol and Groen harborWritten by Thomas Kitchen, where it is specified: “The Groyne or Corunna”.

Gruen It continued to be used in the English lands to refer to A Coruña until the nineteenth century, When Corunna or La Coruña was adopted. There are various terms and theories about the origin of the name of the city. Crunia is one of the most widespread, although there are those who say A Coruña is derived from the Phoenician word Karen, Which means horn and will denote the shape of the peninsula, in the same way Gruen denotes its shape as a dam. The name, after all, is the least of it in a city where no stranger is. Unless your name is Frances Drake.

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