The free and natural way to activate each of the happy hormones is easy, according to experts

Did you know that every day We activate happiness hormones without realizing it? We engage in activities, habits, or movements that stimulate the production and release of these hormones, which are chemicals that are released in our brain and cause us Pleasant sensationssuch as luxury, AdrenalineOr relaxation, trust or love.

We are 4 hormonesAnd serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins, and each has some Specific functions and effects In our bodies and minds, making us feel Better with ourselves and with others.

15 phrases of love.

But, even though we all want to I feel good, happy and content In our lives, sometimes it is difficult for us to reach that state of mind because Stress, routine, problems or lack of motivation. We know which daily habit increases self-esteem or which foods you should eat to be happier, but what are the simple habits we can do to achieve happiness? Stimulate each of the four happiness hormones naturally and for free?

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