The first roundtable and business fair for community entrepreneurs was held in Cali

With the aim of promoting sustainable development and highlighting the country’s small and medium producers, the Colombian Aerospace Force participated in the first roundtable and business fair for community entrepreneurs, in Plaza San Francisco de Cali.

This entrepreneurship exhibition seeks to promote the initiatives and business models of producers, to improve the quality of life of communities, being an opportunity to introduce themselves to the public and business sectors, allowing them to contribute to the growth of their projects.

It was its Colombian Air Force, AsocaƱa, the National Army, the Colombian Navy, the Government of Valle del Cauca, the Rural Development Agency, the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare – ICBF, and the Taler Cinco University Foundation that made this possible. This trade event was held, in search of spaces to benefit from these initiatives for hundreds of families, as the embassies of the United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland were also present.

In this Business Roundtable, ASOPIHUA, the Association of Agricultural and Fishery Producers of Huasano, Valle, stands out, a production project supported by Air Combat Command No. 7- CACOM7, since 2018, which, together with 200 other producers from Valle del Cauca, Cauca, Risaralda and Putumayo With demonstrations in the sectors of manufacturing, gastronomy, agriculture, tourism, agricultural and craft industries, Bring a sample of their products and services to activity visitors.

As a result, 36 trade agreements were concluded, with potential business worth 438 million pesos, producing products such as tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggs, lemons, pineapples, bananas, handicrafts, pisciculture, beekeeping, wine, coffee, chocolate, yogurt and snacks. , among other things.

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Its Colombian Aerospace Forces will continue to contribute to the progress of the population of the southwestern part of the country, being the detailer of these innovative strategies, together with the public and private sectors, to develop clear scenarios that allow the promotion of new leading businesses.

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