The first level of care, essential to promoting preventive medicine and promoting health

The first level of care plays a transcendental role, where various programs of health promotion and preventive medicine are implemented, to which the treatment of quality and warmth is added to the thousands of users it serves daily.

The Secretary of State for Health is calling on residents to resume their appointments at more than 1,200 ISEM medical units. (Photo: Private).

The head of the State Department of Health of Mexico, Francisco Javier Fernandez Clamont, referred to the above when conducting supervisory visits to medical units in Atlacomulco and El Oro, where they confirmed the procedures for the rehabilitation of these spaces and highlighted that actThe state administration aims to honor them for the benefit of the population.

In health centers, talk to staff who He urged tackling the various ailments Mexicans suffer, but mainly to take into account that mental health is now more affected than ever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And citizenship requires empathy from those who provide health services.

He emphasized that in the current context, As many people have been affected in different ways by the new coronavirus, became infected or lost loved ones and friends, health care workers in all areas of life have a mission to live. And they have to continue the mission they have done throughout 2020 and so far in 2021, so they are without a doubt deserving of the title of champions.

In the same way, the residents called to Resume your consultations in more than 1200 health centers and CEAPS of the Health Institute of the State of Mexico (ISEM), which is already one hundred percent operational and applies preventive measures to avoid the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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The Director General of ISEM also went to the offices of the Sanitation Department in Atlacomulco, where He thanked the employees for all their efforts in providing the best service to the residents of the entity that lacks social security.

It should be noted that he went to the health centers of San Jose Toxi located in Atlacomolco and the centers of La Concepcion Segunda, Adolfo López Mateos and El Oro in the municipality of the same name, which provide services for external medicine, vaccination, family planning, preventive medicine and early stimulation, among others.

During the supervisory tour, he was accompanied by the head of the health authority of Atlacomulco, Ulysses Angels Garcia, and the head of the 22nd department of the National Federation of Workers of the Ministry of Health, Hector Gómez, as well as authorities from different regions of the country. ISEM.



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