Malvinas/Falklands: The United Nations renews its call to Argentina and the United Kingdom to resume negotiations

The Special Committee on Decolonization On Thursday he addressed the question of the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) in a session that culminated again in a call for the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom to resume dialogue “in order to find Peaceful solution as soon as possible controversy.”

at Precision Adopted unanimously, the United Nations reiterated that the way to end “special colonial caseThe archipelago is the negotiated solution to the conflict.

The text – promoted by Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela – regrets that despite broad international support for the negotiations, Many decisions have not yet been implemented to the General Assembly on this subject.

The committee listened to Plaintiffs from both parties, the islanders, give reasons for their preference for granting sovereignty to one of the two countries claiming it.

Not answered

The session was attended by the Argentine Foreign Minister, Felipe Carlos Sola, who Reported no response from the UK He emphasized that there were no reasons for not resuming dialogue other than “the United Kingdom’s intention to maintain the illegal colonial situation”.

However, he emphasized that Your country’s willingness to negotiateIt has been repeatedly called for by United Nations resolutions.

Sola made it clear that the UK intends to ignore those calls from the UN by relying on a The presumed right to self-determination of the islanders and say that if only they were in favor of negotiations, the state would agree to enter into negotiations.

Military base

The Argentine foreign minister said that the British presence in the South Pacific has a military component It has no justification under the pretext of ensuring the safety of its citizens.

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“There is no justification for that Base of 2000 people with nuclear elements And the growing importance, too strong militarization has no reason to adopt the position of Argentina, which is completely peaceful. Malvinas has become the largest aircraft carrier in the world, it is located in a strategic area and England does not serve to defend the islanders, it works exclusively to maintain a colony that is essentially a military base. ” From the press after his intervention in the commission.

The diplomat confirmed that Argentina already Not ready To open any umbrella on the question of sovereignty but to “put it at the heart” of its relationship with the United Kingdom.

He added that Argentina Fully settled in Malvinas With Argentine ruler, companies and trade.

UN News

Special Committee on Decolonization. (file image)

unsustainable position

Sola considered that the United Kingdom would have to convince itself at some point that its position was less sustainable, as evidenced by the general agreement at the United Nations that the situation in Malvinas was a “colonial one”.

“There is no room for colonialism in the twenty-first century”, compressed.

He added that the principle of self-determination of peoples could not be invoked in the case of islanders “because… That city was transplanted And they advocated for other peoples to come, like the Argentines to live there.”

In addition, he noted that the UK has bypassed UN resolutions before Overexploitation of natural resources and fishing, as well as when drilling for oil.

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At the committee session, the Latin American bloc supported Argentina’s demands and talked about dialogue.

Latin American support for the claim

On behalf of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Group of Latin American and Caribbean States), Mexico affirmed in the voice of its Ambassador to the United Nations, Ramon de la Fuente, “Strongest support for legitimate rightsArgentina is in a “Sovereignty Dispute over the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, and Surrounding Marine Areas”.

It also made clear the “permanent interest of the countries in the region” for the Argentine and British governments to resume negotiations in order to find a solution, as soon as possible. Peaceful and final solution On this dispute, in accordance with United Nations resolutions.

The ambassador of Mexico, the country holding the interim presidency of the group, stressed that the members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States “highlight the The Argentine government’s willingness to establish mechanisms to resume the dialogue that would allow a final solution to the dispute over sovereignty.

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