The fire spread quickly.

  • The fire engulfed several homes in Winnington, east London.

  • The United Kingdom exceeded 40 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, breaking a record in its history

  • A fire has threatened one of the country’s major highways

The hottest day ever recorded in the UK wreaked havoc in places like Wennington, near London. A large fire destroyed dozens of homes in this small town east of the British capital. one of your neighborsJohn Bishop, told Reuters how surprised he was by how quickly the fire spread. “It was unbelievable how quickly it spread,” he said. Flames engulfed the surrounding fields and threatened a historic church. “I started to smell a little smoke, and I thought, ‘Oh, someone’s having a barbecue, which pissed me off in this heat. Then I saw smoke rising from behind the garden, and suddenly everything was on fire.. “It was amazing how it exploded,” he added.

“I lost everything,” he says. Timothy Stock, 66, lives with his wife Maggie, to the inews series. Witnesses described the fires that engulfed homes and Fields in Winnington as ‘The End of the World’. The UK topped 40 degrees Celsius for the first time on Tuesday, the hottest day on record, according to provisional data from the UK Met Office.

thermometer Marked 40.2 degrees at Heathrow West London, After the town of Charlotte, west of the capital, recorded 39.1 degrees. So far, the record was set in Cambridge in 2019, when the thermometer registered 38.7 degrees. The authorities declared a “national emergency” due to the unprecedented temperatures.

Fires that also affected to Dutford Highway, one of the country’s major highways. Cars were traveling near the flames, while firefighters and emergency services tried to contain the fire and not spread it, endangering drivers on this motorway in the county of Kent in the south-east of England.

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