The fastest of the three

Marimurumendi: The fastest of the threeAhunmilak 2022


On Sunday, at 8:00 am, the seventh edition of the marathon will begin Marimoromendi (MMM)the smallest and fastest of the three races, with a length of 42.195 kilometers, 4,600 meters of combined unevenness and a maximum time of eight hours to complete, will be held along trails and mountains near Piasen.

There will be 350 participants who will meet in Beasain, the limit set by the organization, including 218 from Euskal Herria (127 from Gipuzkoa, 56 from Bizkaia, 31 from Araba and 4 from Navarra), 127 from the country and five foreigners (France, United Kingdom, Mexico and Finland ).


Ainara Urutea is one of the runners running to cross the finish line in the race with the highest female attendance (73 women) in first place. The third place she just achieved in Ultra Skyrunning Madeira, which took place in mid-June, confirms that Atxabaltarra will be a strong opponent who aspires to take on Larraitz Aragón, the winner of the latest edition. It remains to be seen if this will be the year either athlete manages to break the record that has stood since 2018 in the impressive time of 4 hours 24 30 minutes set by Ingrid Ruiz.

Watch out for the list of 2022 winners In the men’s category, it is interesting to look at the list of winners for 2022, as among the top five are some podium hopefuls this year. Such is the case of local Unai Dorronsoro, who finished fourth in MMM last year, with a time of 3h50’47” and a regular in Ehunmilak (he was third in the 2019 edition). Other names to play in Gipuzkoan include Inaki Insauste from Tolosa, who finished fifth last year with a time of 3 x 56’47”, six minutes behind Doronsoro.

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