The Faculty of Medicine presents its academic offer to high school students

As part of the University Conference for Career Guidanceorganized by the Directorate General of Educational Guidance and Interest (DGOAE) of UNAM, The Faculty of Medicine announced its academic offer for high school students, coming from National Preparatory Schools (ENP) and Colleges of Science and Humanities (CCH), as well as merged schools.

Thus, on March 16, in the “Dr. From the admission and graduation files that the college possesses.

Dr. Luis Antonio Mendoza Sierra, Bachelor’s degree coordinator in basic biomedical research (lib), mentioned that “interested To enroll in a bachelor’s degree In addition to applying for admission to UNAM in a profession in Region I or II, they must take an additional knowledge test and complete the preparatory period.They will be evaluated for two weeks by different researchers from the profession In order to get to know them and select the best candidates.

Likewise, academic Alejandro Zintella, teacher Cynthia Lima Cruz, technical secretary of the program and fourth-year student Juan Manuel Tzumpantzi of ETA answered questions from the audience about the subjects to be studied, the field of work and the method of selection. .

for his part, Teacher Luis Alberto Loja Ramírez, responsible for coordinating the Physiotherapy degree (LF), He indicated that this is the branch of medicine that is concerned with identifying and maximizing movement potentials within the areas of promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.Noting that “the graduate is expected to provide services that will develop, maintain and restore maximum mobility and functional ability for people to improve their quality of life.”

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Edgar Eduardo Jimenez Armenta, an academic technologist, also attended the presentation. Francisco Duarte, Academician of the LF; and social work interns Quetzali Avila and Christian Gamboa.

for his part, Dr.. Tanya Plitt-Torres, chair of the Joint Studies Scheme in Medicine Favorite“It is intended to respond to the need to train medical professionals with a great capacity to conduct health research,” he explainedFor this Required as some requirements owned by the interested student A minimum of 9 average without rounding and not failing in any subject, as well as oral and written English proficiency.”

Similarly, PECEM student Marco Delay Martinez recommended that those interested in entering the program define their interests very well, because “it takes a lot of commitment and the key is to be very clear about your goals, set them and work on them…”.

on your chance, Dr.. David García Diaz, Residency Coordinator in Neurosciences (LN), pass that “Neurosciences are one of the most fascinating areas in which professionals in research, science and health can dedicate themselves.”

Dr.. Daniel Guzman Toledo, Chief Teaching Officer, LNAnd Indian that The selection process for entry into it consists of four stages: The first step is to register as applicants From 10 to 30 April of the current year, Then they will give a knowledge test of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, As well as one read and understand texts in both English and Spanish; A skills test and finally an interview with the Admission Committee.

for his part, Instructor Guillermo Romo Guadarrama, Head of Teaching and Degree Evaluation in Forensic Science (LCF), which already belongs to the National School of Forensic Sciences, Explain the selection process, the profile of the applicants, and what is expected of the graduating students.

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To resolve doubts and guide and support students wishing to enroll in this degree, also Instructor Chantal Louisance, an academic from the LCF, and second-generation student Fernanda García were present.

To address Surgeon Degree, Dr. Carlos Andrés García y Moreno, community services coordinator, Indian that “Being a surgeon means being close to society, dealing with health problems, being ethical, critical and humane, seeking self-regulatory learning, all this to solve existing health problems for the benefit of our society.Thus, they became the leaders of medicine in the world.”

“All of us who study medicine have learned that there is no satisfaction, honor, and experience that is harder and more beautiful than having a life in your hands, because if you study medicine, it may not be your whole life, but it may be one of your most important reasons for living,” he said.

Photos: Bressida Lopez

Finally, Ana Luisa Del Razo Moreno, Head of the Teaching and Evaluation Unit in the Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition (LCNH), to explain Who is this “Its mission is to train scientists who treat food and nutrition problems collectively and individually, from a holistic perspective.”

To speak of experiences in this degree, second-generation LCNH students Marifer Ocegueda Montero and Evelyn Sinaí Fonseca de Agustín, as well as teacher Samantha Flores Rodríguez, attended the college’s academy

The student directs the student

With the aim of providing information to secondary school students who are in the process of selecting an area or group of subjects or choosing a profession, Students of the Faculty of Medicine also participated in this activity, which was carried out from February 28 to March 10, which seeks to support students in decision-making, and to open a space for dialogue between undergraduate and high school students.

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For two weeks, undergraduate students that are taught in college They attended the different campuses of both ENP and CCHwhere They answered high school students’ doubts about the admissions process and the characteristics of each major.

Luisa Vera and Vicki Enrimar

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