Meyer Gill will be with Selecta vs. United States

The striker has already obtained his visa and is traveling today to the North American country with which the Blue and Whites will duel for the League of Nations next Monday.

It will be Forward Mayer Gil with the Select for the CONCACAF Nations League duel against the United States, a key game to determine the event’s Pool D winner (the person who finishes advancing to the Final Four).

Of the three Salvadoran-Colombian brothers Gil Hurtado, only Cristian was able to take part in the friendly match against Honduras and, in fact, starting in the defeat against El Caracho, had a clear chance to score.

However, neither Brian Gale nor Meyer could be present for this meeting due to paper issues, a situation that is still being resolved.

But in the last hours, it was learned that Meyer had already obtained his visa and that today he would travel to Orlando to later join Selecta Dynamics in the duel against the Stars and Stripes team.

Brian, who is in El Salvador awaiting his visa so he can join his brothers and the rest of those called up for the duel next Monday, is expected to travel.

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