The Faculties of Life Sciences, Education and Social Sciences UNAB receive a certificate from ANECA – UNAB

Andres Bello University took a new step in its internationalization and quality assurance strategy this week: National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA), approved Colleges of life sciences And based on Education and social sciences For 6 yearsThat is, the maximum accreditation period provided by this agency within the framework of its international audit program.

In simple words, this accreditation means that both colleges have obtained a seal that certifies adherence to the internal quality assurance standards set by the institution for itself, which meets not only national requirements but also international requirements.

The above opens the doors for our students and teachers to the European space Annika One of the most important and recognized agencies on the mentioned continent.

“This accreditation is another example of our commitment to continuous improvement and providing our students with training according to global standards of excellence. Accreditation from ANECA is not just a seal of that, but it also allows our students to open new doors in the European space and thus expand their internationalization possibilities.” Vice President of Quality Assurance at UNAB, Carmen Gloria Jiménez.

“For us as UNAB, it is a great pride to announce this certificate, with which we complete eight accredited faculties, out of our 11 faculties. It is an important step for all of us who are part of this house of studies. This honor speaks of excellence in management.” “In the training we provide to our students, the research our academics conduct, and the expansion and connection to the environment we do every day.” Dean U Andres Bello, Julio Castro.

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The university president explained that UNAB's goal is to ensure that all faculties obtain this international certification from the audit program.

Strengthening commitment to quality

dean College of Education and Social Sciences From Andrés Bello University, María Gabriela Huidobro, was very satisfied with this accreditation and stressed that it “expresses not only the academic and professional quality of our training project and each of the programs that make it up, but also the value, commitment and dedication that our teaching staff devote to their work.” daily work.

for him dean College of Life SciencesFelipe Simon, “It is tremendous recognition to be certified to European standards, which reflects the quality of our processes and procedures, bringing it to the same level as other European colleges accredited by the same agency. “This opens up a range of opportunities to place the college’s functions and programs at an international level, thus enhancing opportunities for our students.”

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