The consequences that could happen to you if you leave it next to the TV

We may lack toilet paper and toothpaste in our home, but we can never run out. Internet. However, there are practices such as laying The modem is near the TV That can spoil the signal



Sometimes place devices like a WiFi receiver or even the same modem Instead of making us own

Latency problems

When playing it may cause serious problems or even cause Slow connection On other devices due to the Internet

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What are the consequences of leaving the modem near the TV?

Before that it was customary to put The modem is near the TV Because for some it was more convenient to connect their computer or Video game console In some entries, Drand LAN connections From the device

It's normal for me to eat Users We always strive to have Computerscameras, Assistants And others, but perhaps put modem The proximity of the TV is the reason for our slow connection.

It should be noted that the TV is device Breaks up heat If we place the modem on the back it is possible to produce a file High temperature As a result Causing Weak signal or slow internet signal.

Experts point out that the situation The modem is near the TV It may cause interference, and placing this device close to… Microwavejust because it emits it Interfering waves between them.

Where is the best place to put the modem?

For this reason, engineers recommend using… The best site To put a modem Wifi where it is In the middle of your homeThat is, high and far away where other devices cannot interfere with the signal.

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It is also recommended that instead of placing… The modem is near the TVconsider using Wi-Fi repeatersI, which will allow improved coverage

Internet signal

And move around from practically anywhere in the house.

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