‘The Expendables 4’: Jason Statham posts new photos from the set with Iko Uwais, who plays the villain

Not long ago the news broke that Eko Owais, the new signing of the ‘Mercenary’ saga, who thus found an actor capable of stepping into the skin of a villain who would stand up to Barney Ross, Lee Christmas, and the others. We also learned the first details of Owais’ character, famous for the Indonesian hit “The Raid” for the fourth part. An enemy comes with his army, built on the arms trade.

Now it’s Jason Statham himself who’s surprising us with news from The Expendables 4, Sharing behind-the-scenes footage from the film’s set.

This translator, who gives life to Christmas in the aforementioned franchise, He posted a photo gallery with OwaisTaking advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the compliments towards his partner in the tournament. “It is such an honor to spend some screen time with the incredibly talented Iko Uwais, A true master of his game and an inexhaustible source of speed and skills One of those that are acquired throughout life. I respect a lot what you do, brother.”.

More mercenaries

The fourth installment of The Mercenaries was directed by Scott Wu (“Need For Speed”) and written by Spencer Cohen, Max Adams, and John Joseph Connolly. Statham’s role is not only to reprise the title role, but also take on production duties.

In addition, this film, which does not have a release date yet, adds several new additions to the already great team, As with Megan Fox, 50 Cent, Andy Garcia, and Jacob Scipio. Filming of the film, which has already begun, will take the cast to work in countries such as the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Greece.

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