The Exactas UBA authorities give the go-ahead for Larreta’s progress on the ecological reserve

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For months, environmentalists, students, and workers organized together Protected Association To try to stop a new attempt to advance on the territory by the Buenos Aires City Government. Target, an old acquaintance: Privatization of public space for real estate business.

Students denounce collusion Between the authorities of the UBA (belonging to Peronism and the Purple Sector), and the Buenos Aires City Government. next to, The Student Union of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences is requiredLed by La Campora, who instead of turning her back on the Assembly and the discussions that take place in it, Make yourself available and actively participate in the rally to join forces in achieving an effective plan of struggle.

ECR – Exactly
ECR – Exactly

during the The last meeting of the Supreme Council UBA Dean, Ricardo Gilbey of Together for Change, after rejecting the ongoing two-bar construction at RECU-CN, gave Green light for Larita’s work. In addition, at this last meeting Refuse to proclaim against the anomalous acts of oppression, torture, and ballistic mutilation that the people of Jujuy must endure for their legitimate struggle.: teachers’ salaries, against Morales’ reform and the defense of the region which is today a major geostrategic point for the superpowers due to the extraction of lithium.

Gelpi is sure to come from the Purple Strip, i.e. from Together for Change, i.e. Larreta and Morales, she has nothing to do with it. It shouldn’t have anything to do with Mind manipulation that he got rid of it himself when he asserted that the works did not exist, Denial of reality is inconsistent with just turning around and looking.

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Just like in Jujuy Unión por la Patria, she contributes her votes to Morales’ reform, demonstrating once again Crack contains a lot of rhetoric and little truththe position of Dean of FCEyN, Guillermo “Willy” Duran has expressed the continuity of that policy. Willy had two options. a, They demonstrate in favor of the community’s claim, and rally in defense of the Reserve, to the students, from workers who support the struggle for land and against the privatization of public space. the other, to express one A pointless negative opinion makes the above actors invisible, so, just in case some records exist. In his own words: «We have a different position, and of course we, as defenders of the institutions, respect the decisions that the city government can take within the framework of the functions entrusted to it, but we also reaffirm our right to express our negative opinion in a sense trying to rise ».

Being the highest authority in one of the The leading research centers in the worlduntil It would have provided the will to join forces for environmental impact studies, which is the interdisciplinary work of researchers and activistsand backup workers and several actors. but, Chose for the second.

As “Transformation (Larita)” progresses, “Dran simply expresses their differences.” Opinions, nothing concreteRelying on the defense of institutions. More leaders did not materialize.

Given the events that took place during the last meeting of the Supreme Council of the UBA, The Board has set itself emphatically deploring the responsibility of the University authorities in complicity with the GCBA.

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We reproduce the statement below.

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