The European Union and the United Kingdom will hold a meeting on the Irish Protocol on Thursday

This content was published on April 14, 2021 – 12:18 PM

Brussels, April 14 (EFE). – European Commission Vice President for Corporate Relations, Maros Sivkovic, and British Prime Minister for Relations with the European Union, David Frost, will hold an informal meeting in Brussels on Thursday. On Thursday, the Irish protocol included in the agreement regarding the UK’s exit from the community club.

“Marus Civkovic will hold an informal meeting with David Frost in Brussels on Thursday to assess the ongoing technical work on the Northern Ireland and Ireland protocol and provide political guidance to both parties on the pending issues,” said European Commission spokesman Daniel Ferry.

On March 26, the European Commission confirmed that it expects “in the next few days” that the United Kingdom will send it its plan of action to implement the rules and requirements of the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland under the Brexit agreement that has not yet been implemented. Been signed. It fully complied, so Brussels opened a violation procedure to London.

Last week, the committee confirmed receipt of the document on March 31 and indicated that it was analyzing it.

The European Parliament spokesman, Jaume Duch, announced, via Twitter, Tuesday, that the foreign trade commissions will vote on an agreement on the future of the relationship between London and Brussels this week, as decided yesterday by the leaders of political groups, and indicated that they still did not select the plenum vote because they are demanding “implementation Full of the withdrawal agreement. “

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The trade and cooperation agreement reached last December between the United Kingdom and 27 agreements was temporarily implemented as of January 1 of this year, but it was not able to fully enter into force due to the tight schedule that was agreed upon at the end of last year. The European Parliament granted its approval.

Meanwhile, the British government decided unilaterally not to apply customs controls on goods crossing the border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland until the first of October, in violation of the withdrawal agreement, and for this reason the European Commission opened the file to London.

In front of 10 Downing Street, the seat of the British government, until mid-April to respond to the message sent by the Executive Council to the community, although the European Commission spokesman on Brexit, Daniel Ferry, confirmed on Tuesday that there is room for further negotiations between the two blocs. .

Ferre said that Brussels “is ready to find practical solutions” to implement the Irish protocol, stressing that meeting the deadline for responding to the letter “does not mean that we will automatically advance” in the violation process.

“Things take time to analyze,” a community spokesperson said. EFE

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