The European elections unleash a political earthquake in France

The victory of the National Rally, a nationalist party led by Marine Le Pen, was expected, because it represents the scenario that all opinion polls had predicted months ago, but its consequences exceed the expectations of many, as it will have a financial impact, as expected. Well when the Paris Stock Exchange fell 2.37 percent on Monday when it opened.

After the election results were announced at night, the head of the National Rally party list, Jordan Bardella, called on President Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the assembly, claiming that there was a clear message from the French calling for a change in course, as he supposedly claimed.

“I cannot act as if nothing has happened,” Macron said in a message to the nation an hour after the far-right organization won about 32 percent of the votes, more than double those obtained by the ruling Ennahda party. Her allies.

According to the Head of State, he decided to place the parliamentary future in the hands of the French through new legislative elections, with the first round taking place on June 30 and the second on July 7.

His position was logically welcomed by Le Pen, who announced that the National Front was ready to exercise power, and by figures from the left such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon and from the conservative camp such as Eric Ciotti, while opinion polls attributed support to leaving the solution. By more than half of voters.

However, criticism poured in on the president for capitulating to the far right, as well as accusations that it was his policies that caused the political earthquake and a comfortable victory for a party described as anti-European and condemned for attacking immigration.

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Raphael Glucksmann, head of the Socialist Party/Public Square list – third in the European elections – believes that the president is accepting an “extremely dangerous game” and evading his historical responsibilities.

He estimated that accepting the solution demanded by Bardella would remain another stain on Macron’s five-year term.

Environmental candidate Marie Toussaint also criticized the decision, describing it as a “double betrayal,” urging a commitment to always struggle to stop the extreme right.

Even within the ruling party, a return to the ballot boxes in legislative elections seems worrying, given criteria such as those indicated in France2 by the president of the dissolved National Assembly, deputy of the ruling party, Yael Braun-Bevier, who stated that a different path could have been followed, no. Especially the search for a coalition or government agreement.

Another consequence of the European elections was the demand for the formation of blocs, defended in particular by the leaders of the left, whose contradictions and disagreements led to the disappearance of the New Environmental and Social Popular Union (Nupes), which achieved a good result in the 2022 legislative elections.

The First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, called for the formation of a popular front against the extreme right in preparation for the June 30 elections, to which 49 million and 500 thousand French people will be invited again.

The National Secretary of the Communists, Fabien Roussel, also called for a left-wing alliance.

The MP warned that we must meet quickly and work together to reach an agreement for France.


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