Netflix Bandidos: Find out which Mexican dream destinations it was filmed in | Mexico series

Story of the Banditsa series of Netflixhas become one of the favorite locations for platform users in recent weeks, and the state of Yucatan, in the southern state of Mexico, was one of its registration sites.

Among the places that served as a set for Esther Exposito, Juan Pablo Medina, Andrea Chaparro And other high-level actors, there was the Olympic Cultural Center, and the farms housed in it Huasca and Tulancingoand Siglo XXI Conference Centre. But the ones that stole the hearts of thousands are the cenotes, beaches, and archaeological areas such as Tikal, Peten and Yaxa In Guatemala.

5 cenotes to visit

The state of Yucatán is known as Cenote ringAny protected natural area consisting of a semicircular alignment around it 90 cenotesMany are unexplored or reserved for expert divers. Therefore, these tourist destinations become a mandatory stop during your stay there Mexico.

San Ignacio Cenote

Located 20 minutes from the city MeridaIt is ideal for visiting with friends or family. You go down through a small hole, and in the place, you find this natural wonder that you can swim in. In addition, the place has a restaurant, hammock rentals, and snorkeling rentals, among other activities.

Cosama Cenote

is in the section Akansih-Kuzama, It is reached on a tour of three cenotes including the cenotes Chilinton, Czazinici, and Bolonchogul. Each of them, in addition to their beauty, involves a degree of difficulty. In fact, the latter requires descending some steep stairs to reach a vault complete with light doorways that give the water a turquoise and emerald hue.

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Homon Cenotes

On the outskirts of the municipality Homon55 km from Merida, located in the cenotes Canontion and Whole Cause. Here visitors will be able to rent life jackets, parking, bathrooms and changing rooms. There is another gap to watch in the area Santa RosaIt is underground and illuminated by colored lamps. There are also eco cabins for those who want to spend the night.

Cenote ek kale

Its depth is more than 40 meters, and it is only 3 kilometers away Chichen Itza, A place to include in the tour. Moreover, it is known as “Holy Blue Cenote” It has large plants and vines. It has showers, restaurants, lockers, life jacket rentals and overnight cabins.

Cenote Yukdzonot

As one of the most popular places, here you can not only swim, but also ride a bike and enjoy the rest areas, picnic tables, camping areas and other activities. On the other hand, it has a point of view from which you can Zip line or dropwhich involves an additional cost.

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