The European Commission and the United Kingdom will resume Brexit negotiations in Gibraltar on Wednesday the 13th in London

The European Commission and the United Kingdom will resume on December 13 and 14 london, Negotiating the Treaty of Gibraltar, which seeks to regulate the British colony’s relationship with the Community Bloc, which begins on February 1, 2020 in Line.

The fourteenth round of talks will address “some of the basic pillars of the next round an agreement” – As confirmed by civil sources – it will arrive eight months after it was postponed due to the electoral processes that took place there Spain And Tarek mountain.

Gibraltar is not included in Great withdrawal agreement It was agreed by Brussels and London in 2020. It requires a separate agreed solution that needs to be approved by Spain. This is what is being negotiated to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a “zone of shared prosperity” between the two regions “Tear down” the fenceWhich would establish controls at the port and airport Schengen.

The negotiations are being conducted on the basis of the so-called New Year’s Eve Agreement, a non-binding but essential agreement reached by Spain and the United Kingdom to strengthen the future treaty, which began to be negotiated in October 2021.

The fourteenth round comes after the ballot boxes re-verified the validity of the vote Socialist governments On both sides of the gate, paving the way to continue where they left off, according to the defense of the two parties that participated in finding a solution to Spain’s request to establish joint use of La Roca Airport, one of their two airports. Major obstacles preventing the completion of the agreement.

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The negotiating teams met last Monday, December 4th Spain And United kingdom They met in Malaga to put the meetings back on track. This came a week after the Foreign Ministers of Spain and the United Kingdom, José Manuel Albarez and David Cameron, met for the first time and discussed this issue. After that meeting, Paris referred to the joint use of Gibraltar Airport as a point of friction with the United Kingdom to reach an agreement on the relationship between the European Union and the Rock, although he stated that he saw the agreement very soon, which he still has. “Specific and specific aspects”without a specific time horizon in the short or medium term.

The divorce that the people of Gibraltar were forced into against their will was expressed in Jars On 23 June 2016 – In Gibraltar, a ‘no’ vote for Brexit was held by 95.91% (19,322 votes) compared to a meager 4.09% (823 votes) in favor of leaving – generating, initially, a vote for Exiting the European Union. Transitional phase “As well as providing a stability framework for negotiating an agreement on the future relationship between the EU and the UK.” Then, as now, Brexit had little consequence in Gibraltar and the region, at least citizens felt that way. Especially after Government of Spain Establish transitional measures so that nothing changes while an agreement is reached on Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU, which is still pending.

Conversations evolve In two scenarios Parallel and almost simultaneously. On the one hand, there are the meetings in which Brussels and London address the framework agreement on issues such as security, environment, tax settlement, combating tobacco smuggling, and others. And in another place they sit Spain and the United Kingdom, with Gibraltar In its own voice, it is about revealing how the day-to-day implementation of these future commitments will be, including, for example, how the presence of the National Police, the Civil Guard and Customs will be activated at the port and airport of Binon.

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