Liverpool-Osasuna: UK eases travel restrictions

The long awaited match Liverpool-Osasuna plays at Anfield next Saturday 9th August In honor of Michael Robinson one was bornTo be expected among Rugella fans, a feeling disappointed in There is almost no possibility to see it alive Because UK restrictions When entering travelers from certain countries such as Spain.

However, this Wednesday a A sunbeam that can arouse Rugella’s enthusiasm, since the British government updated restrictions on entering the country. Starting Monday August 2, UK Removes mandatory quarantine For countries on the amber list such as Spain, making 10-day isolation in the country is no longer necessary. Of course, this action will only affect those Travelers with a full vaccination schedule.

The rest of the procedures requested by the British government for those wishing to enter the country from Spain remain in effect, a Negative PCR at 72 hours before travel and keep a PCR for the second day of stay in the UK.

Infinite update

However, gold isn’t all that glitters. The United Kingdom reserves a category, Amber Plus, for those countries with a high incidence of the virus that must comply with isolation, such as France. On August 5, the United Kingdom will conduct its review of the system under which it will transfer different countries to the category, according to the newspaper. WatchmanFrance can get off that list, whatever Can enter will be Spain, due to the current data of the epidemic, whose followers will have to red Perform a mandatory 10-day quarantine again.

This uncertainty continues to affect Rojillos’ potential visit to Anfield, because in the event of changes to restrictions related to staying on the islands, airlines will not be liable for any refunds.

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tv party

At the moment, it is not known if the game will be broadcast live on a Spanish language channel, but what has been confirmed is that it will be possible. Enjoy on LFCTV GOThe official Liverpool TV channel, as indicated by the club on their website. However, despite it being a channel that requires a subscription, Rojilla fans have the option to watch the game for free. When you register on your website, if you Enter the code 2122GOFREE you can see the liverpool channel free for a month, An undoubtedly attractive option not to miss this historic meeting. Of course, it is important not to incur any additional fees later unsubscribe Once the meeting is over.

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