The EU needs gas and nuclear energy sources: Commission

Brussels, Belgium– European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared at the conclusion of the bloc’s summit that the European Union needs gas and nuclear “as stable sources of energy.”

He stressed that the European Union must significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions to combat climate change.

However, he said at a press conference that there is “clearly a lack of promotion of our renewable energies,” such as wind and solar power, which provide “a great deal of independence” to the continent from gas use.

“But we (with renewables) need a stable source of energy: nuclear, and of course gas during a transitional period,” he added.

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Nuclear power plants emit very low levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The European Commission must propose before the end of the year a list of energies considered favorable for the climate, which will facilitate access to capital in the framework of “green finance”, giving them a decisive competitive advantage.

“There has never been such clear and massive support for the need to turn to nuclear energy to achieve our climate goals,” French President Emmanuel Macron, whose country is preparing to resume construction of nuclear power plants, said on Friday.

However, other countries such as Germany, Austria and Luxembourg are strongly opposed, citing the problems of long-term storage of radioactive waste.


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