Heart of the Moon: Peruvian production wins Best Film at the London Science Fiction Festival

“Heart of the Moon” stars Heidi Caceres. (Photo: Hiromi Shimabukuro)

moon heartPeruvian movie starring Heidi Caceres, received the highest award at the Sci-Fi London Festival, in the United Kingdom. The film won the Best Picture award and will have its world premiere on October 26.

The production, directed by Aldo Salvini, contains elements of fantasy and science fiction. It tells the story of M, an old woman who lives adrift and decides to share her world of nostalgic memories with someone as lonely as her: an ant. In the midst of this situation, a “mechanical angel” comes into her life with a mission to save her.

It is worth noting that the premiere of the film will be held on October 26 at 8:30 pm. At the London Science Fiction Festival. This was reported by the festival organization via its official Twitter account.

In addition, he congratulated the performer of the 71-year-old Peruvian actress Heidi Caceres.

The night film closes on Tuesday, October 26 at 8:30 p.m., and won Best Feature Film. World premiere of “Heart of the Moon” from Peru, produced by the University of Lima. This extraordinary film without dialogue is a fantasy drama about homelessness. With outstanding pioneering performance”, It can be read on the festival’s Twitter.

Movie "moon heart" Honored at the London Science Fiction Festival.  (Photo: Hiromi Shimabukuro)
Heart of the Moon was honored at the London Science Fiction Festival. (Photo: Hiromi Shimabukuro)

“Heart of the Moon” is a science fiction and drama movie. It was primarily intended for a short film, but the idea changed along the way.

“It’s a movie that has no dialogues, there are no words in the whole movie, the lady doesn’t say a single syllable, she just makes some sounds”, The exit pointed to the Cinencuentro gate.

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Haydeé Cáceres plays the robot, Sergio Velasco and Bruno Balbuena.

This festival is considered one of the most important genres of fantasy and science fiction in the world. It annually shows premieres of British and international feature films and documentaries.

Heart of the Moon wins an international award.  (Photo: Festival Sci-Fi London)
Heart of the Moon wins an international award. (Photo: Festival Sci-Fi London)


Haydeé Estela Cáceres Oblitas is the first Peruvian actress. She graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art where she began her career as a theater actress.

The experienced actress lent her voice to dubbing Brazilian soap operas such as Papá Héroe and Señorita Flor. In addition, he has participated in radio plays such as Simply María, Natacha, and La Fábrica. To his credit, he has many serials, serials and films.

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